That theme park feeling

Day two in Brisbane was Movie World day!

We were blessed to be able to borrow a car from a friend of Dani. Otherwise what is a 40 minute car ride would have taken two and a half hours by public transport, and a five hour round trip is pretty much the whole day.20150902_104138 (1)The car, however, was manual so John had to drive since I don’t even have a manual licence. This was one of those occassions where getting a manual licence ‘just in case’ definitely paid off.

John hadn’t driven a manual in four years since his driving test but he did fabulously. Didn’t stall a single time the whole way there and I managed to contribute by being navigator.

I’d been to Movie World once before when I was ten with my family and the main thing I remember was that I loved the Scooby Doo ride the best so I couldn’t wait to try it again and see if it was at all how I remembered it. For John, this was his first theme park and first time going on a ride ever. I was hoping he’d enjoy it and not get sick otherwise that could make for an awkward day.20150902_105821When we arrived a sign said there were three rides not operating that day; bumper cars, the Green Lantern roller coaster and the Scooby Doo ride. Nooooo. We were pretty devastated at that.

They were closed for maintenance during the off peak season. So despite it being sad that we couldn’t ride them the advantage was probably greater, as we were able to ride all the rides in the park without wasting lots of time in long queues as you would during peak season.20150902_154134I was planning to ease John into roller coasters with the Scooby Doo ride because I imagined that’s as tame as it gets at Movie World.

Instead we opted to start with the Wild West water ride.

We got soaked! We came off it dripping and laughing so hard it was awesome.
The best bit was definitely the start of the ride where you’re suddenly dropped down a slope backwards unwittingly.

We came back at the end of the day and rode this ride again and agreed it was our favourite.

20150902_154020 20150902_125554

At lunchtime there were plenty of places to choose from for food. We both opted for nachos from this little wild west-looking pub.

When the meals came we soon realised we would have been better off sharing one, they were huge! Piled high with salsa, meat and sour cream, even the bowls they were in were a plain edible tortilla. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I almost finished the entire thing, bowl and all, because it was so delicious. 20150902_125322We had planned to try out the roller coasters in the afternoon, but needless to say we thought it safe to let lunch digest a little first, so we watched a high-speed car show instead.

After that we hit up everything that we could. Since there were large roller coasters to be tackeled I suggested we start off on the kiddies roller coaster to ease into it.

For John’s first roller coaster it was pretty speedy and could definitely give you bit of whiplash, though I was soon to discover it was nothing like the force of Arkham Asylum or Superman.20150902_165832Despite intial fears we both rode every ride, and although we might not have braved some of those coasters again in a hurry we had a great time.

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