Fair ladies at Fairbridge

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Our state is so beautiful. Whether it’s the bustling city, the rough and tumble of the red outback or the tranquility in the lush south I can’t help but find myself in awe of the beauty that surrounds us.

I spent the last stormy weekend on a retreat, with a bunch of beautiful women from my church, at the quaint Fairbridge Village near Pinjarra.

This was a wonderful time to get away and share connection with one another and hear and experience some powerful things God wanted to do over that weekend.

The first morning we woke to the great storm of 2016. The thundering of rain on the tin roof of the dorm while I was cocooned in my sleeping bag was the most cosy sensation.

Although the rain pelted down and the wind was fierce it didn’t dampen our moods in the slightest. And for those like me who love winter weather, made it all the more enjoyable.

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During a period of free time, my lively and lovable friend Jordi and I ventured out of Fairbridge, through debris on the road from the storm and into Pinjarra.

We had a quick squiz in an op shop and enjoyed a little walk around one of the town’s churches and then by the Murray River. It was a gorgeous place and we took some snaps that were quite insta-worthy (that is how you rate quality pictures theses days). Enjoy!

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Frost and food in Arrowtown

Well, I”m back home safe and sound now in what feels like much, much warmer weather despite it still being the middle of winter.

There are definitely no frosty mornings to wake up to like we were experiencing this time last week.

DSCF2786DSCF2788Every morning the car froze over with ice that looked just like delicate snowflakes.

Before we could go anywhere though, we had to use credit cards to scrap the front windscreen in order to clear the ice enough to see. While this seemed like a novelty for the week we were away, I doubt it would feel like much fun if it was something I had to do every morning in the dark before driving to work!

There was one day in New Zealand where we ventured further out of Queenstown — a mere 15 to 20 minutes to the neighbouring town of Arrowtown.

Locations around this old gold mining town were used in the filming of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.


Arrowtown is just a tiny town with really only two main streets for visitors that are lined with stores, museums, cafes and restaurants. Crossing the road on the main street yields an impressive view of a mountain peaking out from the centre of the street, as if strategically placed.

DSCF2811 DSCF2813The weather was a chilly -2 degrees for our visit so our first stop was straight from the car to the nearby crêperie.

I highly recommend a visit to the Bonjour cafe and restaurant. The staff are all French and incredibly friendly and made delicious authentic French crêpes.

DSCF2792Afterwards we took a walk around town, exploring the shops and some of the outer residential streets, where we stumble upon two beautiful little churches.

Many photos of Arrowtown show this place in autumn when the trees are in stunning red and orange and the leaves fill the streets. For our visit the trees were bare in the middle of winter but still striking.DSCF2796 DSCF2808DSCF2805We ate lunch at the Arrowtown Bakery. This place was small but popular.

There was far more food choices than I expected from a bakery. In addition to doing the typical meat pies, this place offered more cafe style meals. I enjoyed a hearty homemade vegetable soup with garlic bread, which was perfect given the weather and Britt ate an impressively large chicken burrito, which (had we gone back) I would have definitely ordered next time.

Before leaving we made a quick visit to the river where there’s a beautiful path to walk along and admire the scenery. However, we were pretty keen to head home so we just marvelled at the huge chunks of ice that had formed in the stream as a result of the freezing weather and hopped in the car once Britt decided on an ice fight.