Kia Ora from Queenstown

Arriving into Queenstown was like no plane landing i’ve ever been on. It was absolutely breathtaking flying over snow covered mountains, down onto a runway nestled in between towering mountains. We had to cross the tarmac to enter the airport, giving us our¬†first feel of the freezing cold air outside.


Within half an hour of arriving in Queenstown it started to gently snow, tiny bits at first and before we knew it it was a full snow shower as we drove from the airport to our little lodge.

The place we are staying is a cute little house that has a gorgeous view of Coronet Peak – the most popular skiing destination in Queenstown.

After being awake for more than 30 hours I slept like a baby for 12 hours, it was worth staying up so long just for the experience of such a great sleep.

I woke in the morning to mum getting us up to explore outside, as it had snowed all night. It looked beautiful outside, so picture perfect with everything covered in white. We had so much fun having snowball fights and making snow angels before we decided it was too cold.

On our first full day in Queenstown we ventured into town and enjoyed scones and coffees by the lake. The cafe was in a beautiful little spot in the park right by the lake and the views from the centre of town were just gorgeous. It’s crazy to think that some people see all of this as just normal.

DSCF2589DSCF2600 DSCF2597DSCF2594 DSCF2608After a little walk through town it was time to go luging.

The luge is a light toboggan that you ride down a road-like track. Generally one person rides in each luge, but you can partner up if you have small children. You use the handlebars at the front to control your speed and steer.

To get to the luge we had to ride the gondola up the side of the mountain. It was a very steep climb and i couldn’t believe how fast the gondola tackled it. All the way up you climb between pine trees and there are great views of the town as you go.

At the top the snow was deep in many places and heavy on the branches of the pine trees, making it feel like Canada at Christmas! (not that i’ve ever been).

We had to grab a helmet and queue to take a quick chairlift to the luge starting point. Once there they make sure you know how to turn and stop and then you’re let loose to race down the track.

The luge is speedy and there are a few sharp turns on the more intermediate course, which make it great fun but also slightly scary if you’re going full speed ahead! The cold whips at your face and even made my eyes water. I was freezing each time i hoped off at the end but it was definitely worth it. We had 3 luge rides, which i thought was just enough as there are two courses to experience and you do need to queue each time to go up the chairlifts again.

20150708_141901DSCF2640 (1) DSCF2644 DSCF2651 DSCF2653DSCF2638DSCF2656

All that adventuring during the day meant a nice quite night in. Perfect.